West Loop Animal Hospital

1301 West Loop 281
Longview, TX 75604



Regina, Practice Manager

Regina started out as a Receptionist for West Loop Animal Hospital in 1993 and quickly moved up to our management team. While interviewing for the job at West Loop, she was interviewed by a manager as well as the office cat, Tux. Tux immediately gave his approval of Regina, and they bonded quickly. Tux became known as "Regina's cat" from that point forward. She received her certificate in Veterinary Hospital Management from St. Petersburg University in Florida. Regina has been a member of VHMA (Veterinary Hospital Managers Association) since 2004. She regularly attends conferences and participates in webinars because she is dedicated to improving her management skills and staying current in the veterinary field.

Regina is very close to her family. She enjoys spending time with her husband Steven and her children, Emily, Gabby and Mason. She takes every opportunity she has to spend with her family and friends. Their favorite activity is going to the movies or just spending quality family time together.

She also shares her home with four furry critters: Little Man, a gray tabby; Ali, a calico kitty; Princess a long hair Siamese kitty and Sky, a miniature Australian Shepherd. Regina obviously has a love for animals and her compassion and huge heart is vulnerable to dogs and cats that need homes. Regina is truly an inspiration.   She is more than just a manager; she is a friend and confidante to us all. She can be quoted as saying, "I can't imagine working any other place."

Kimberly, Client Service Specialist Supervisor, Grief Counselor, and Avian Consultant

Kimberly joined our hospital in 1997 and is a valued member of the West Loop Animal Hospital team. While taking some time off over the years to raise her two beautiful children, she has come back to us and picked up right where she left off.  Kimberly has a love of learning that is evident in the many continuing education classes she continues to take as well as the dedication she shows as part of the leadership team at West Loop.  She continues to develop her skills, is never afraid of a challenge and is an important asset to our team. She is also a member of APLB (Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement).

Kimberly has a strong connection with many of our clients, and she continues to demonstrate superior customer service skills. Her genuine love for people as well as their pets is shown on a daily basis.

Not only does Kimberly share her home with her husband, Reese, and her two children, Maddison and Triston, but she has four dogs, three cats, three birds, one leopard gecko, three horses and various saltwater fish.  Her kind-hearted spirit continually reaches out to others as she helps find homes for pets, a reflection of a true, compassionate animal lover.

In her free time, she coaches her children's Soccer team. She loves to sing and has a beautiful voice. She has also acted in several plays in Longivew. Having Kimberly as part of our team is a delight as well as a blessing.  Her contagious laughter, her kind heart and beautiful smile makes our days much brighter.

Jaqueline, Assistant Practice Manager, Pet Care Specialist (Kennel Assistant) Supervisor, Inventory Control Specialist

Jaqueline came to work for us in 2010.  Not only does she have a love for animals and a compassion for their humans, Jaqueline possesses an attention to detail needed for the Inventory Control Specialist position.  Jaqueline is fascinated with the recovery and healing process of veterinary medicine, but she mostly enjoys the many new puppies and kittens that we have the honor to watch grow up with us. 

Born in Paris, Texas, Jaqueline has lived most of her life in Longview.  She shares her home with her husband, Matt, her son Jameson and their adorable four-legged child, Delilah, the first puppy she has ever had; a cute black and tan Miniature Dachshund.

In her time off, Jaqueline loves to spend time with her family and find new craft projects. Jaqueline also loves going to the movies, reading and shopping.

Virginia, L.V.T. (Licensed Veterinary Technician), Technician Supervisor 

Virginia has been a part of our West Loop family since October 2004. She attended North East Texas Community College and Cedar Valley College where she received her Associate Degree in Animal Science Degree and her R.V.T. License. She grew up in Daingerfield, Texas and knew she wanted to stay in the East Texas area. 

She came to work for West Loop Animal Hospital from another animal clinic where she had worked for several years because she always enjoyed the staff when she visited our hospital. She loves seeing the progress the patients make and the satisfaction of knowing she was a part and that she is helping to make a difference.

When not at work she loves singing at church, and she has a beautiful voice that we have had the pleasure to hear. She also loves running 5k marathons, working out, spending time with family and friends and chasing her daughter Julia around everywhere.

Yvonne, CVA – Certified Veterinary Technician Assistant

Yvonne joined our team in 1997. After having previously worked for Wet Pets and Critters, she brought with her extensive training in all types of pets. She became a Certified Veterinary Technician Assistant in 2002 and received her Associates Degree in Animal Science in 2007. What she likes most about working at West Loop Animal Hospital is mentoring new employees and staying current with advancements in animal medicine.

She shares her home with Igor, her adorable male pug. Yvonne went to school in Dallas, but has lived most of her adult life here in East Texas. In her spare time, Yvonne loves doing crafts and painting.  She is an extraordinary artist and has several businesses in Longview that showcases her artwork.  Yvonne is also our staff health guru, and will generously give us advice on healthy eating and exercise.

Maria, L.V.T ( Licensed Veterinary Technician), CVA

Maria came to work for us in our Kennel Department in June 2008 while she was a Hallsville High School senior. Her great work ethic and maturity immediately impressed us. Even though West Loop was her first job, Maria's hard work paid off and her skills improved quickly, which later earned her a position as a Veterinary Technician. Maria states that the best part of working for West Loop Animal Hospital is helping our patients grow up happy and healthy. 

When not at work, Maria loves riding horses, dancing and spending time with her family, friends and her beautiful baby girl Donna.

Edd, Veterinary Technician Assistant

Edd came to work for us in February 2009 after meeting our management team at a local job fair. He is originally from Marshall but lived in Houston for over seventeen years before moving to Longview. While living in Houston, Edd worked for two different animal hospitals, so we are blessed to have this experienced and compassionate man as a part of our team.   

Edd’s favorite thing about working for West Loop is that he is always learning something new, and he really enjoys working with his fellow employees.

Edd’s hobbies are cars, motorcycles, boats and, most recently after an absence of fourteen years, going to the gym.  Not only does Edd have excellent technical skills, we all enjoy Edd’s quick wit and sense of humor.

Olivia, Veterinary Technician

Olivia came to work for us in June 2014 after graduating from Cedar Valley College with an associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology . She is currently studying for her National and State Boards to become an LVT –Licensed Veterinary Technician. Olivia said that everyone in the practice is like one big family, they are all so caring and compassionate. That was the main reason she wanted to work with us. She has grew up in Gilmer and recently moved to Longview. Her four legged children include a sweet canine shepherd mix named Ryder, a rambunctious retriever rescue named Gunner, a sweet kitty named Mia and a turtle named Crush. She loves spending time with her Husband Cody, fishing, cooking and taking Ryder & Gunner to the park.

Meagan, CVA-Certified Veterinary Assistant

Meagan came to work for us in August 2015. She is attending Cedar Valley College to obtain her Associates of Applied Science so she will be able to take her Board Exam to become an LVT (Licensed Veterinary Technician).

Even though this is her first time working at an animal hospital, she has lots of experience in handling animals. She previously worked for Wet Pets and Critters in Longview and still helps them when she has free time.

Her favorite thing about West Loop Animal Hospital is the environment, everyone is so caring and she loves being able to help care for our patients. Meagan has been a client of West Loop Animal Hospital for many years and appreciated that we took care of her exotic pets.

Her family includes Fred, a bearded dragon, Jack, a parrot, Benji, a rabbit, a cat named Lucky and a dog named Sam. She loves spending her free time with her pets, family and her husband Hunter.

Tyler, CVA-Certified Veterinary Assistant, Pet Care Specialist

Tyler came to work for us in November 2014. She had previously worked in retail and was excited to start her new career working with animals. What she loves most about West Loop Animal Hospital is caring for and helping our patients get better. She has lived in the Longview her whole life but has recently moved to Kilgore.

Her four children are Bailey, a sweet Yorkie, a Pitt Bull named Jameson, a Bull Mastiff named Odin and a Great Dane Mix named Anna. When not at work, she likes to cook and spend time with her family and friends.

Kristen, CVA-Certified Veterinary Assistant

Kristen joined our team in June, 2016. She has told us that if she has to work, it should be at a job she can enjoy, and that is why she chose to work for West Loop Animal Hospital. She loves the work environment and being a part of our team.

Longview has been her home for all of her life and when she is not taking care of our patients she loves to spend time with her family including her pets Mena and Addie (both min pins), Axle and Chipper(both mix breed puppies), Oreo and TomTom(her feline prowlers of the night), Puddle and Doat (her goats). Her human family consists of her parents Jeff & Tina and her brother Jake. In her spare time she loves to read, go exploring, skateboarding, riding her bike, going to the movies or working on her saltwater aquarium.